Our friend Luke at the Temple of Fun just shared a look at attraction list for Shanghai Disneyland which will have Single Rider and Fastpass availability. With the brand new resort opening June 16, 2016 it puts it right within the range of summer vacation for many travelers so some line-shortening techniques should come into important play for planning a day in the park.

Of interesting note is that Pirates of the Caribbean Battle for the Sunken Treasure has a Single Rider line but not Fastpass. Check out a special posting at the end of this article with concept imagery for the entire new land dedicated to the swashbuckling world of pirates: Treasure Cove.

Keep in mind that the park is not yet open so it could very well be that this entire list may be in flux until the grand opening in a few months.

Single Rider Lines

Fastpass Attractions

Treasure Cove Concept Art