Disney of late has long been courting the Hispanic and Latin American demographics and this new short is an amalgamation of awesomeness that plays to, honors, and pokes fun at those cultures.

It’s Mickey’s Feliz Cumpleaños (Happy Birthday) but not everything goes to plan once the Piñatas Bandidas show up. Will they ruin Mickey’s birthday or does the Mouse have the cajones to show them who’s boss?

The short was directed by Alonso Ramirez Ramos and if it all feels a bit like a Sergio Leone film, that would completely be the point and the lead baddie is voiced by none other than Danny Trejo himself.

The new short features cameos from Donald and his fellow Caballeros as well as a tribute to Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s so much goodness all wrapped into one 4-minute Mickey Mouse cartoon short.

The release of the short comes a day before Mickey Mouse’s actual birthday; November 18, 1928, which commemorates the public release of his first ever short Steamboat Willie.