The fun group at hosted a special one night only celebration of Disney’s 2000 cult classic, THE EMPEROR’S NEW GROOVE at the ever-stunning El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. MouseInfo was on the scene to capture the party, including a lengthy panel discussion with the filmmakers moderated by legendary Disney animation producer Don Hahn.

We’ve got full video of the hilarious panel discussion as well as photos of the event and some of the rare concept art displayed. I can’t recommend the panel enough – we learned so much about the development of this movie, which was troubled (to say the least). It’s truly the little movie that could, and its creators have gone on to bigger successes.

There are some great throwback events coming up at the El Cap, including THE BLACK CAULDRON, HOCUS POCUS and THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS 4D – the groove may have moved on, but you can still get tickets to these great screenings coming up in October.




The costume contest winners, including a kid inexplicably dressed as Syd.

Crowd favorite Rob Richards got everyone’s groove on to kick things off.

There were a number of raffled off prizes, including original movie posters signed by the film’s creative team. Our row was one of the lucky two that won Kronk’s very own spinach puffs! Thankfully he didn’t burn them this time.

Don Hahn took the stage and introduced the panel for the evening. They wasted no time and dove right into some great stories. Enjoy these snaps from the discussion, including lots of amazing behind the scenes art!



The filmmakers even took time to show us a sketch from production where they poked fun at Jar Jar Binks. Frankly, I think this is being cruel to Roger Rabbit and computers.

That’s a wrap! Hope to see you at the next throwback event at the El Capitan Theatre!