Disney Interactive has had quite a bit of changes and updates over the past several years. As the shaky division strives to carve its path in the dizzying landscape of interactive gaming they’ve found a bit of a stride in some of their offerings including DISNEY INFINITY which is launching its 3.0 version in just a few weeks. There’s also strategic partnerships with Square Enix for Kingdom Hearts and the EA Star Wars Battlefront video games that have their built-in audiences.

But what really caught our attention on the showfloor at the D23 EXPO this past weekend was the unassuming STAR WARS BATTLE POD!

You don’t need to be much of a gamer to find the allure here. In fact, we’d hardly call ourselves gamers and we were absolutely astounded by how fun it was to step into the impressive new gaming experience.

After literally stepping INTO the pod, you find yourself at the controls of your own battle airship; flying, shooting and battling your way several multi-level missions in the Star Wars galaxy. A giant curved screen really puts you INTO the action for a truly compelling and immersive experience. Complete with surround sound and even wind and other special effects, it really creates a unique way to play some video games.

A premium version of the impressive new STAR WARS BATTLE PODS are launching soon but the experience is already available in a few locations around the country.


A special autoraphed STAR WARS BATTLE POD.

But wait there’s more!

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