On Tuesday, June 16, Disney and Fathom Events put together a unique offering across US theaters: INSIDE ACCESS TO INSIDE OUT. Even though the preview took place nationwide at select theaters, we saw at the historic El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood has happily-invited guests. As fans of Disney-Pixar, it was awesome to be a part of the special evening.

Held just a few days before the film’s official theatrical launch, we not only enjoyed a screening of INSIDE OUT and its animated short LAVA  but got a special INSIDER look at the Pixar Studio plus a live/tape-delayed junket-style interview with director Pete Docter and actress Amy Poehler.

The always fabulous theatre organist Rob Richards entertains the crowds with the theatre’s signature mighty Wurlitzer pipe organ.

In the 15-minute exclusive sneak, Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera created a surprisingly funny little documentary-type feature with a hand-held video camera and basically walked all around the Pixar campus in Emeryville offering fans a look at the goings on on a regular working weekday.

If you’ve never seen the inside of the Pixar Studios, this awesome featurette was a really great way to get a look at this rarely seen home of the lamp. Highlights included visits to John Lasseter‘s office, a walk down various hallways and into various offices (not just any old offices either), and even a peek at the famed Lucky 7 Lounge which is accessible via a secret passage behind a bookcase.

The tape-delayed interview was perhaps a less interesting part of the evening amounting basically to watching a junket-style interview with Docter and Poehler who were in Australia doing press for the movie. The interview was moderated an Australian television personality.

Specific to the El Capitan Theatre, there was also a brief video featurette about the exclusive MUSIC OF LIFE 3D preshow that occurs before each screening of INSIDE OUT. The clip featured a sneak peek look at the developments for the new entertainment offering and included a brief interview with Dave Scott (resident choreographer on “So You Think You Can Dance?”) and director/producer Ryan Pardeiro.

In all, it was a truly unique evening that offered even hardcore Disney nerds like us some new looks and insights into the magical world of Disney-Pixar.