The newly refurbished Peter Pan’s Flight attraction began soft-open previews for AP-holders this morning, the preview is open to AP-holders though 7pm. Another preview will be taking place tomorrow, June 30 from 8:00 am – 7:00 pm.

The new attraction features a remodeled nursery scene and some subtle enhancements to the attraction throughout. See below for a quick summary of changes you can expect to see once Peter Pan’s Flight reopens officially on July 1.

  • Children now fly over the bed instead of sitting on it.
  • Projection on the walls bring Tinker Bell to life, zipping around the room with trails of pixie dust
  • Peter Pan’s shadow is also projected in the room, it leads you out of the nursery into London. Tinker Bell follows close behind.
  • London seems to have been given a decent makeover, no more plastic bag clouds!
  • London lighting overall much improved, a lot more convincing.
  • Keep an eye on Big Ben for a familiar scene recreated on the famous clock-face.
  • Second Star to the Right is projected and twinkly like a galaxy, the moon has been removed.
  • Upgraded lighting throughout, especially on the water effects; the River Thames water flows more realistically, waterfalls and water ripples around Neverland bring new life to the island scene. Subtle water effects around Princess Tiger Lily and also with Hook, Smee and Tick-Tock.
  • Neverland volcano has a more realistic appearance
  • Tick-Tock can be seen swimming in the water around the Jolly Roger in Neverland scene
  • The pirate ship taken over by Peter and crew seems like it should have improved Pixie dust magic effects, turning the ship gold


Behind the Scenes

Want to see it for yourself?

Thinking of heading to the AP-preview for yourself? Check out some official details below from Disney’s Facebook page.

A valid Annual Passport must be presented at the attraction entrance for entry during these special AP hours (valid photo ID may also be required). May involve long wait periods. Check your Passport blockout dates as Park admission is required. Subject to restrictions and change without notice.