Star Wars spawns inspiration from many sources. For many engineer-minded folk and even just casual hobbists, the temptation to build an actual life-size functioning R2 unit is too hard to resist. As luck would have it, the Star Wars Celebration is the perfect breeding ground for these crafty Droid builders to congregate, share notes, and check out each other’s work.

Throughout the length of the convention, everyone was invited to come take a look at the creative interpretations of the infamous little droid. Fans from all around the globe gathered to bring in their creations.

From color variations, to bedazzled ones to fully pimped out gadget-full functioning machines, there’s a bunch of nerd eye candy to enjoy in this unique exhibit. Plus, at the end of the walk-trhough is a great little history on robotics especially as it pertains to the Star Wars universe and to our own.

This simple but impressive offering was a must-see!


R2 units were not the only things that the crafty engineers developed and built!

Anybody read Aurabesh?