Oh bother! Deadline.com is reporting Disney is set to produce a live-action version of WINNIE THE POOH. Writer Alex Ross Perry is set to be on board with little other confirmations yet in place. According to the posting, the film will take a retrospective approach from the perspective of an adult Christopher Robin looking back on his youth.

The reveal perhaps pairs most closely with Disney’s already-announced Pete’s Dragon reboot which, like this new Pooh project, will be a live-action CGI hybrid utilizing animated effects to bring the characters to life in the human world.

This also comes on the heels of the previously announced Dumbo live-action remake helmed by Tim Burton and also joins an increasingly large list of animated-to-live action films on the Disney Roster including next year’s Jungle Book followed by Beauty and the Beast after that.

Just last month, the reboot of Cinderella began enchanting audiences and box offices a like just as the previous Maleficent did before that. All of it arguably started by Tim Burton himself who was behind the live-action re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland which remains the most profitable reboot of the bunch.