D23 is launching a new social media campaign that allows celebrates, fans, and Cast Members to share when their passion for Disney started. The WHEN DID IT START FOR YOU campaign shares stories and videos on the D23 website from people like Disney Legend Dave Smith, Disney Legend Floyd Norman, Lance Bass, and D23 members.

D23 is encouraging fans to post to social media using the hashtag #WDIS4U and so are we! Please share with is when it first started for you! I figured I would get things started and share when it first started for me. I knew Disney was special when my mom made me a Snow White dress from scratch and I wore it to Disneyland when I was around 5. All the little kids came up to me and thought I was Snow White! Every year since then I have always gone to Disneyland with my dad to create new memories.

Post below when it first started for you!