San Diego Comic-Con 2023 was the stage upon which virtual pet gaming site Neopets hosted a party to celebrate its relaunch! As part of the festivities, Neopets announced that singer/song-writer John Legend (whose wife, model and television personality Chrissy Teigen, is famously a big fan) would be a brand ambassador.

Here’s a look at the Neopets New Era Party which brought all the early 2000s vibes!


First launched in 1999, the site is now under new leadership and recently relaunched their homepage with a new unified front that better tackles all widespread arms that the brand has grown into over the years. Playing tribute to the early 2000s at the height of the early days of the virtual pet site, the party featured throwback music, arcade games, skeeball, plus food and drinks themed to the world of Neopia with all the tunes to match. (It’s a party in the USA, y’all)

It’s no secret the crew at MouseInfo were BIG fans of Neopets way back in the day and honestly it makes sense, right? Open world building where you take your magical virtual pet on adventures and explore boundless realms on quests and to play games — that’s pretty Disney-fied, if you ask us.

Neopets CEO Dominic Law spoke to the excited party goers about the future of Neopets whihc promises not just a revamp and modernizeation of the site and its games but also looking ahead to the future including a new Web3 virtual World of Neopets extension of gameplay.

Here’s John Legend making the announcement of the Brand Ambassador partnership.

Here’s CEO Dominic Law and the Neopets Team welcoming everyone to the party.


Copies of the Neopets The Official Cookbook were available to peruse offering recipes food and drinks inspired by actual food from the game.

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Food and drink at the party were also inspired by food, characters, and locations in Neopia. To amp up the early 2000s vibes there were also endless pouches of Capris Sun.



Some fans dressed up as characters from Neopets including this dashing Ilusen who was handing out acorn neckalces.


The Soup Faerie who gave us… soup… as a keychain!


See it for Yourself

San Diego Comic-Con took place July 19 – July 23, 2023.

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