Disney and Pixar have once again captured our imaginations with their upcoming film, ELEMENTAL.  In a press conference led by Lisa Cabello, filmmakers gave us a glimpse into an exciting new world world where fire, water, earth, and air come to life in Element City.

D23 Expo 2022

The remarkable group assembled for ELEMENTAL included Director Pete Sohn, Producer Denise Ream, Leah Lewis (voice Ember Lumen), Mamoudou Athie (voice of Wade Ripple), and Lauv, the singer-co-songwriter of the film’s theme song, “Steal the Show.”

Embracing the Elements

Lisa asked Leah, Mamoudou, and Denise which element they would choose if they lived in Element City.

  • Leah initially said earth, but then changed her mind to water.
  • Mamoudou said fire, but also liked the idea of air.
  • Denise said she is a combination of fire and water.

Diving in

  • Denise’s favorite detail in Element City is an Easter egg that includes a character from the upcoming film Elio.
  • Pete’s favorite detail is the use of 3D animation to enhance the depth and intricacies of Ember’s fire abilities.


A Personal Touch

Mamoudou and Leah found the story of ELEMENTAL to be personally resonant.

  • Mamoudou’s family immigrated to the United States, and he is grateful for the sacrifices they made to give him a better life.   He expressed gratitude and a sense of responsibility to pay it forward, emphasizing the film’s portrayal of such sacrifices as a gift rather than a burden.
  • Leah was adopted, and her parents supported her pursuit of acting and singing. She also touched upon the protective nature she feels towards her aging parents, reflecting the film’s exploration of family dynamics and the realization of different dreams.


A Musical Element

The conference took a melodic turn as Lauv, the singer-co-songwriter of “Steal the Show,” discussed his inspiration for the song. Lauv shared his early exposure to the film’s storyboards and how he connected with love and personal transformation themes. His goal was to create a song that captures the feeling of someone entering your life and completely changing your perspective.

Pete expressed his admiration for Lauv’s ability to encapsulate the essence of Ember and Wade’s relationship, appreciating the rawness and emotional depth Lauv brought to the song.

The Take Home

What the cast of ELEMENTAL hopes audiences will take away from the film:

  • Mamoudou: The film’s ability to open hearts, blend of love, humor, and profound storytelling.
  • Leah: Feel inspired to live life to the fullest, appreciate sacrifices made by others, and be open to diverse perspectives.
  • Denise: Cherish loved ones and show gratitude for those who have supported them.
  • Pete: Embrace the film’s messages of connection, self-discovery, and appreciation.

See it for Yourself

ELEMENTAL is now playing in theaters.