We finally had the chance to check out the Disney Vacation Club Star View Station – a Member Lounge which opened last month at the Disneyland Resort. The calming space is a respite for owners of the Disney Vacation Club timeshare (as long as they have valid admission and a theme park reservation).

Amenities at Disney Vacation Club Star View Station – a Member Lounge include:

  • Comfortable seating inside and on the upper outside terrace of the building
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Device-charging stations along a wall boasting two murals with classic Disney concept art
  • A nod to Walt Disney’s optimistic vision for the future a K7 Space Suit and murals of artwork by Mary Blair, John Hench and Herbert Ryman.
  • A kid’s area with a television playing Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts
  • Complimentary soft drink station with two Coke Freestyle machines and a coffee machine
  • Restrooms are available so you don’t have to leave when nature calls
  • A dedicated Disney Vacation Club Member Services team is also available for any questions

Entering the Lounge

The new lounge is accessible at the entrance to the Star Wars: Launch Bay. You’ll need to use the Walt Disney World Mobile app to load your membership into your device’s mobile wallet. That barcode is what Member Services will use to scan you into the lounge.


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The Drink Station


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If you use the Coke Freestyle app, you can load up your favorite drinks on the Freestyle soda machines. You can see here our own self-made recipe for the Pingo Doce drink served in Avengers Campus.


Around the Lounge


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The mural wall is lined with outlets that include two standard AC plugs, a USB port and a Type-C port.

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The bathrooms have a little style.



The outdoor terrace is also available



Lounge Details


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Parting Gift

For a limited time, members who visit the lounge will get a popcorn bucket and a voucher for popcorn. Inside, there’s a tin of star-shaped mints, a button, and a glow in the dark cup.




You will also find DVC guides in the lounge to help answer any questions about membership that you have.

See it for Yourself

Disney Vacation Club Star View Station — A Member Lounge is now open at Disneyland. Hours may vary but have typically been 11am – 6pm, 7-days a week.

dvc star view station member lounge 20230429_180614