There’s no case too big, no case too small and now sleuths can rejoice that a big fat Blu-ray case is coming with the confirmation that CHIP ‘N’ DALE RESCUE RANGERS will bring all 65 episodes of the original series on Digital and on 6-disc Blu-ray set starting February 15, 2022!

chip n dale rescue rangers the complete series blu-rayFor the first time on Blu-ray, go nuts over Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, with all 65 episodes of sleuthing fun. Chip and Dale lead an eccentric group of animals solving mysteries in the human world and in their own. Tackling whodunits that fall through the cracks, these intrepid detectives are on the case!

The daring duo are also coming to the live-action screen in an upcoming Disney+ adaptation of the sleuthing heroes.

See it for Yourself

CHIP ‘N’ DALE RESCUE RANGERS on Digital and on a 6-disc Blu-ray set starting February 15, 2022!