If you missed your chance of snagging the date you wanted for a theme park reservation to either Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park, hope is not lost!

It’s been a reopening period full of surprises for the Disneyland Resort and while some may have expected tickets and reservations for the limited-capacity operation to sell out instantly, it appears that several days later, plenty of options are still available. While some options (including reopening day on April 30 and Avengers Campus opening day on June 4) sold quickly, most others are still available. But for those who think they may have missed their chance to visit on a particular date, we’re saying there’s a chance!

It turns out, the Disneyland Resort Theme Park Reservation Availability Calendar is perhaps more dynamic than might have been expected. Refreshing this morning we saw availability change on the fly as we toggled between the months on the page. Previously sold-out dates opened up then within a few minutes were sold out once again. Alternatively, dates that were freely available until this morning also sold out.

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The calendar seems to offer a pretty reliable snapshot of the moment’s current availability and if you’re asking how reservations could open back up? It could very well mean more tickets have been added (which Disney has said could be a possibility) however what is more realistic is that someone who already had a theme park reservation canceled, thus freeing up their spot.

Keep in mind, Disneyland Resort TICKETS are NONREFUNDABLE, however theme park RESERVATIONS are CANCELLABLE. That means if you have a theme park reservation, you can cancel it to free up those tickets and then make another reservation on a different date.

IMPORTANT: Once you cancel a theme park reservation it is final and you run the risk of not only NOT snagging that newly-available date but also losing the date you had should someone else swoop in and grab it. It’s a high-risk gamble that could work very nicely in your favor OR backfire horrifically. So caveat emptor, buyer beware! In a worst-case scenario you might end up having to book an altogether different date.

See it for Yourself

Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure park officially open on April 30, 2021!

There’s a lot of new protocols in place for the Disneyland reopening but we have you covered with a helpful assortment of links with tips, tricks and must-know details if you are planning to make your own visit to the Happiest Place on Earth!

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