Although the show has already soft opened at Universal Studios Florida, it was confirmed today that the new stunt-show, The Bourne Stuntacular, is expected to grand open on June 30, 2020.

Based on Universal Pictures’ Bourne film franchise, the new offering is billed as the most technologically-advanced stunt show yet.

The all-new show promises to immerse guests in the world of Jason Bourne through groundbreaking technology, including an immense LED screen and high-tech props, to incredible live performers executing extreme stunts at heights up to 22 feet, and practical effects that will have guests feeling gusts of wind and the heat of explosive flames.

Virtual Sneak Peek

Universal Orlando will debut a virtual sneak peek of the show on June 29. The sneak peek will feature special guests from the Bourne film franchise, a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to bring the show to life, as well as a preview of the action-packed stunt show itself.

MORE INFO: Tune into the Universal Orlando YouTube Channel at 7:00 p.m. EST 

Behind the Scenes

Below are some stats and facts about the show, courtesy of Universal

Cutting-Edge Technology

The Bourne Stuntacular features some of the most advanced technology of its kind, including automated vehicle tracking systems, pinpoint-accurate projection mapping and more. Technology pushes the boundaries by way of:

  • An immense LED screen measuring 3,640-square feet at 130-feet wide and 28-feet tall
  • Advanced projection mapping working seamlessly alongside the cinema of the show, projecting pin-point accurate images on top of moving scenes
  • One of the largest structures ever created for a Universal show – a lift sitting beneath the stage measuring nearly 20 feet wide. Capable of lifting and rotating two vehicles 280-degrees, the lift raises and lowers vehicles independently from seven feet beneath the stage to above stage level

Next-Level, Live-Action Stunts

Live entertainment during The Bourne Stuntacular is taken to the next-level with extreme stunts executed by some of Hollywood’s leading stunt experts working in tandem with automated traveling scenery and cinema.

  • The principal stunt trainers have doubled for A-list celebrities in some of the most popular action films and TV shows of all time and have worked closely with the cast to deliver stunts that rival what can be seen on the big screen
  • The performers and technicians have trained and rehearsed for more than eight months to prepare and learn the intricate technical systems and maneuvers
  • There are two high free-falls in the show – one reaching 22 feet from atop a Dubai apartment building
  • There is as much action behind-the-curtain as there is on stage. Performers interact with high-tech props beneath the stage on lifts, stage right and left on automated traveling scenery, and from overhead on a helicopter, a wrecking ball, ladders and more

Captivating Practical Effects

Practical effects and the use of fire, smoke, and wind even further immerse guests – allowing them to feel like they are in the middle of the action.

  • Eight moving set pieces range from a three-wheeled motorcycle, a tower in a Tangier marketplace and the front entrance of a grand mansion
  • Guests can feel gusts of wind from a helicopter overhead, the blast of a steam boiler, several explosions, flames reaching 20 feet high and more

COVID-19 Reminders

Universal continues to remind guests of updated protocols for visiting its parks and resort. Across the destination, the health and safety of our guests and team members continue to be a promised top priority. To ensure proper social distancing, we have implemented new procedures in our indoor theaters, including appropriate spacing between travel parties and providing assistance to our guests with seating and exiting the theater to avoid congestion.

These procedures mean that our show capacity will be limited and wait times may be longer than usual to experience the show. We have also increased our already-aggressive cleaning procedures and will continue to sanitize high-touch surfaces between each show. All guests are also required to wear a face covering while experiencing The Bourne Stuntacular.

See it for Yourself

The Bourne Stuntacular opens officially at Universal Studios Florida on June 30, 2020.

For more information about The Bourne Stuntacular and the virtual opening celebration, visit

Universal Orlando Resort’s All-New Stunt Show – The Bourne Stuntacular – Will Grand Open On June 30, 2020