image001From beloved books to the big screen, Fancy Nancy has danced her way into our kids’ hearts. Her oh so dramatic yet impeccably fancy outlook on life and inquisitive love of all things French makes her a unique character addition to the Disney Junior lineup. The new Disney’s Fancy Nancy Vol. 1 available now on DVD includes SIX, 22-minute episodes to introduce you to her world.

The six episodes included:

  • Chez Nancy/School de Fancy
  • Tea Party Trouble/Bonjour Butterfly
  • Nancy’s Ooh La La Spa/Nancy Goes to Work
  • Nancy Versus Dudley/Nancy Makes her Mark
  • Nancy’s Devine Sleepover/Nancy’s Sacrebleu Fondue
  • Nancy’s Dog Show Disaster/The Case of the Disappearing Doll

My daughter has declared that Nancy’s “Play Palace” is the best part of the show. And I can already see the gears turning in her head on how she can work some of that creative imagination into her own playtime.

In the show, Nancy’s whimsical nature makes quite her intriguing to young girls with exploding imaginations. She is brave, resilient, kind and creative. All the characteristics we hope our little girls grow up to have. My only cirituqe is that the lessons learned are sometimes overshadowed by some overly dramatic theatrics on Nancy’s part.

On the flip side, I did like how creatively some of the lessons were delivered. Especially when it comes to overcoming fears, being kind to friends that are excluded and standing up for what you believe in; common themes that kids encounter while growing up. And having a strong girl role model on tv who also love being fabulous and fancy could help girls feel that they are able to be it all too!

Fancy Nancy Vol. 1 is available on DVD now!