Huey the “The Explorer”, Dewey the “The Adventurer”, Louie the “The Charmer” and Webby the “The Warrior” are being set loose on an adventure! In a partnership between DuckTales on Disney Channel and Geocaching HQ, you can find yourself on an adventure that will surely make you yell WOO-OO! Disney’s DuckTales is teaming up with Geocaching to release 5,000 Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby trackables. Find and move the trackables from cache to cache to keep the game moving!

Check the map for sightings of Donald’s nephews and their friend Webby at Once found share the experience on social media (don’t give away any cache locations!) with #DuckTalesCache.

Geocaching is a fun family activity that gets everyone involved outside on a treasure hunt for a ‘cache’. Hints, along with the latitude and longitude coordinates of a cache combine technology, puzzle solving, and good old fashioned sleuthing that everyone can enjoy.

It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up at and start playing. Geocaching is free to sign up and play (there is an optional Premium tier). Download the app for either iOS or Android and search for a nearby cache. Once found, sign the included log and mark the cache as found in your app. A trackable is a serialized tag that can be found and moved from one cache to another.