It’s a countdown to fun at Disneyland now that the PIXAR PLAY PARADE has made its debut for Pixar Fest. To celebrate the festivities this summer, the parade added new floats featuring characters from Up and Inside Out. The whole thing is kicked off with a special unit featuring the Pixar lamp, lighting the way for the parade!

Are you ready for all the Pixar fun? Enjoy these fun facts about the parade, courtesy of Disney:

‘Pixar Play Parade’ Fun Facts

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  •  “Pixar Play Parade” originally premiered in 2008 at Disney California Adventure Park.
  •  The Pixar Lamp and Ball from Pixar’s original short, “Luxo Jr.” now lead the parade in a larger-than-life fashion. The Lamp is 14 feet tall and the Pixar Ball is nearly four feet wide.
  •  Guests will want to keep an eye out for Kevin, the friendly bird from “Up” who stands nearly 12 feet tall from her toes to the top of her feathers. The “Up” unit also features Carl Fredricksen and Dug, while Kevin (a puppet) romps through the parade with her friend Russell riding on his back.
  •  From the tip-top of the balloons, the Fredricksen house from “Up” flies 17 feet above the parade route.
  • New music accompanies the three new story elements in the parade. The Pixar Lamp and Ball roll down the parade route to a “Pixar Medley,” the “Inside Out” unit is accompanied by the “Main Theme” and “Bing Bong Song,” and the “Up” element brings guests a new rendition of “Spirit of Adventure.”
  •  On the “Inside Out” unit, guests will recognize Riley’s rocket wagon. Nearly 280 memory orbs of all different emotions appear at the base of this element.

  •  120-plus performers and crew entertain guests, along with eight units that represent several of the Pixar animated films.
  •  The longest float is “A Bug’s Life” at 45 feet.
  •  More than 2,000 pieces and parts make up the performers’ costumes.
  •  Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil, who wrote many of the songs for the successful “High School Musical” movies, wrote the original songs for “Pixar Play Parade”: “Countdown to Fun” and “The Party’s On.”
  •  Michael Curry, the award-winning production designer and co-designer of “The Lion King” masks and puppets for Broadway, created several of the puppets in “Pixar Play Parade,” including the nearly 12-foot tall bird, Kevin who appears with his friend Russell (“Up”); Marlin, Nemo, Dory, Crush and Squirt (“Finding Nemo”); Roz (“Monsters, Inc.”); Aliens, Tinker Toy and Slinky Dog (“Toy Story”); the Omnidroid unit (“The Incredibles”) and Heilmlich (“A Bug’s Life”).
  •  Baby Jack-Jack sits in one of the claws of the Omnidroid on “The Incredibles” float and, just like in the Pixar film, flames rise from his head when he gets excited.
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See it for Yourself

Pixar Fest is a massive celebration taking place now at the Disneyland Resort from April 13 – September 3, 2018.

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pixar play parade new floats for pixar fest (6)