Take a virtual trip on HANG TIME, the first dive coaster on the West Coast, coming to Knott’s Berry Farm! The new Point of View HangTime video as it shows the rollercoaster in action by showcasing its gravity-defying inversions, mid-air suspension and twisting tracks. The new rollercoaster will send riders up a vertical lift hill into a 15-story 96-degree drop, the steepest drop in California. The coaster’s train will come to a halt and will leave riders suspended for several seconds before descending in a beyond-vertical drop, through 2,189 feet of track.

HangTime will be the second rollercoaster in the Western Hemisphere to feature a negative g-stall loop, which gives riders the sensation of floating. The video also features a glimpse into HangTime’s colorful nighttime track chase lighting that will illuminate the Boardwalk area as the coaster’s train travels across the smooth steel track. 

HangTime Basic Stats:

  •          Height: 150 feet
  •          Track Length: 2,189 feet
  •          5 inversions
  •          Capacity: 3 trains with 16 single passenger carrying units each
  •          Maximum velocity 57 mph
  •          HangTime is manufactured by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, GmBH and is the company’s next generation “infinity coaster” model

HangTime debuts at Knott’s Berry Farm Summer 2018.