Who doesn’t want to make a trip to Disneyland at least once in a lifetime? We all do, right? Bringing back all those childhood memories. Living the adventures we remember from our youth. But magic comes with a price and in the case of the Happiest Place on Earth, it’s potentially a big one! That’s why our sponsors at Latest Indian Deals are offering today’s posting with tips to help plan to a trip to Disneyland in California while on a budget.

  1. Travel during the off season

    If you want to save money on your trip to Disneyland you can better plan it during off season. The hotel prices go down during off season along with the crowds. Latest Indian Deals keeps a tab on the newest deals which you can find on hotel rooms as well on flights to help you find the best deal. Avoid visiting in December or three-day weekend holidays. Traditional convention of summer being a busy time isn’t necessarily the case anymore. October has also become an extremely popular time to visit Disneyland due to Halloween Time offerings.

  2. Bring your own snacks or eat outside the park

    Many hotels offer a continental breakfast so loading up before going into the parks is key. Disney also allows you to bring your own snacks and food. If it doesn’t fit in your bag, you can rent a locker to keep it fresh and out of your hands. Nearby Garden Walk might also offering some great distractions and good eats.

  3. Try official Disneyland vacation packages

    You will be able to get best package deals during the off season. You will also be able to save enough money on hotel as well as Disneyland tickets. You will be even getting a chance to get exclusive offers and special perks like Magic Mornings. 

  4. Get discounted Disneyland tickets

    It is a fact that you will not often be hard-pressed to find discounted tickets on the official Disneyland website but you can manage to get a few from partner retailers. Multi-day tickets are one of the best ways to get a deal, even when booking direct through Disney. In case you want to get a hand on some more discounts you can try the deals and offers on Yatra.

  5. Consider dining vouchers with Disney characters

    If you are on a vacation to Disneyland you cannot avoid the important part of dining with the Disney characters! You can pre-purchase the dining vouchers with an official Disneyland vacation package to help economize on what can be a very pricey meal. There are a number of places where you can manage to find the discount vouchers so if you have a travel agent you like they’d be your best first-stop.

  6. Stay in a hotel near Disneyland

    We all want to spend maximum time in the parks so very little amount of time will be spent at the hotel rooms. So if staying luxe is not your speed there are plenty of options all around the Disneyland Resort. If all you will need the place for a good, comfortable bed to sleep and a bathroom to get fresh then you can consider options like HOJO Anaheim which are close and not quite as much coin. 

  7. Avoid traveling during big Anaheim Convention Center events

    The Convention Center is well positioned and charges at surrounding hotels typically sky rocket when a big event is coming to town. Not to mention, many conference goers decide to take advantage of the proximity to Disneyland and make a visit, making the parks overall a lot busier! Check the official calendar to try and avoid popular events.

A Disneyland trip has potential to be one of the most memorable vacations a lifetime but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Plan ahead wisely and you can get your own piece of the magic within a price-range that fits your budget! So keep these budget tips in mind and have magical vacation!

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