There are pretty memorable droids in all of the STAR WARS films, from K-2SO to AP-5, A.I. is no longer science fiction fantasy, but how close are we to have C-3PO helping us and decipher languages from around the world? This episode of STAR WARS and SCIENCE does exactly that with a little help from ANTHONY DANIELS. 

The episode tackles:

  • How a computer program can take all the dialogue from all 10 Star Wars films to decipher characteristics about C-3PO. The conclusion? C-3PO is “a friendly fellow, very tentative, but overall exquisitely agreeable.”
  • How A.I. helps doctors more accurately diagnose patients and teachers tailor lessons to ensure kids get the most out of their education.
  • How the visually impaired are aided with an app that targets location and beacons in the environment, helping them to move around in the real world. Over the course of the series, Science and Star Wars explores science fantasy, science fact, and the gray area in between, every on the official Star Wars