Last week, Disney Vacation Club Moonlight Magic gave timeshare members a very special after-hours appreciation event at Disneyland Park. The evening included special character greets, complimentary treats (churros, ice cream, and popcorn) and most of the park available with short waits all around! In fact some of the longest lines were for churros! Here’s a few pics from the magical evening!

Event Guide

Free Treats

When you’re on a diet but a churro is a churro

Special Character Greets

Princseses with their princes, Kingdom Hearts, Oswald, Ralph and Vanellope, plus Pinocchio and Blue Fairy and more!

Late Night Menu

Special Coco Moment


No Twain finale!

Short Lines All Around!

“it’s a small world” Holiday

The third drummer still has a different colored face than his body.

Haunted Mansion Holiday

Dance Party

Low Crowds