June Gloom was not going to put a grey hue on the Fourth of July weekend at the Happiest Place on Earth. Disneyland Resort has a slew of Fourth of July entertainment for Independence Day and once the marine layer burned off it was a lovely time to be in the parks.

Now that most levels of Annual Passes are in various phases of blockout through the summer you might find some of the most traditionally busiest days (such as Fourth of July) not quite as busy as they were in years past.

Around Disneyland, we caught up on a bunch of projects including the Adventureland project that shuffled around shops, stroller parking, and dining areas in preparation for summer crowds and the return of Fantasmic! We also caught up on some existing projects including Tom Sawyer Island, Frontierland, and Star Wars Land. We also took advantage of the lighter crowds to enjoy the day and we took advantage of a complimentary new collector card program in Frontierland.

Around Disney California Adventure, we also finally got to meet Cruz Ramirez in Cars Land and also found that Flo has started bottling quarts (or 16 oz to be precise) of her Mole Flavored BBQ Sauce.

Naturally, we’ll have a a merch run for you — including some red, white, and blue finds for next Tuesday. All of this and more in our latest pictorial update! ENJOY!

Cleaning Up Their Act

It’s clear that we all wants the red head but in a move towards more modern sensibilities, Disney is shifting the focus on one of the most iconic scenes in the classic Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disney Parks around the globe.

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Patriotic Pride

Celebrations for the Fourth of July are well underway to celebrate Independence Day.

June 28 – July 1: The United States Air Force Honor Guard out of Washington, D.C.

  • Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure park – 11:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.
  • Town Square at Disneyland park – 3:15 p.m.
  • Disneyland park pre-parade – 4:05 p.m.

July 2: The United States Army National Guard Band

  • Disneyland park pre-parade – 4:10 p.m.

July 3: The 191st and the 300th Army Bands

  • Downtown Disney District main stage – Ongoing performances from 9:45 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.
  • Disneyland park pre-parade – 4:10 p.m.

July 4: Disney Entertainment

  • “Disney’s Celebrate America! – A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky”! performing July 1-4 with the show on the fourth should be a little longer and more robust than previous nights.
  • Patriotic Pre-show leads into nightly performances of the “World of Color” spectacular, at 9 and 10:15, in the Paradise Pier area of Disney California Adventure.

Both Disneyland and Disney California are festooned with their red white and blues.

Red, White, and Blue In Store

Cruz Ramirez

It’s not easy to spot this new-comer to Cars Land. She doesn’t have a set schedule so finding her is luck of the draw as she alternates in rotation with Lightning, Mater, and Red.

Walk Freely

In anticipation of heavy traffic for the return of Fantasmic! next month, Disney made a few changes in Adventureland to help free up the walkways in the narrow corridor.

Change 1: Stroller Parking

Tropical Imports no longer sells fruit or merch. It’s now exclusive home to stroller parking.

The tree near the Jungle Cruise exit was also removed and the podium at the exit used to assist guests with disabilities has been shifted upwards.

Change 2: Dining for Bengal Barbecue

South Sea Traders shop now serves dual role as the Adventureland Fruit Cart (which was displaced from Tropical Imports) and also seating for the Bengal Barbecue.

Fridge hidden in a cabinet.

Shrunken Ned hasn’t gone anywhere.

The cash register kiosk has been removed and was replaced with some standing tables. Barrel tables can also be found around the space.

Change 3: More Dining Area

Indiana Jones Outpost is now gone and has also become extended dining area for the Bengal Barbecue.

A closer look at a bunch of the details in the room…

Change 4: Bengal Barbecue Mostly Unchanged

Bengal Barbecue lost its little seating areas including a tree that was surrounded by a standing table. In its place is a new palm tree.

We also got to try some of the new goodies at the location including refeshing Ahi Spring Role. There’s also a new Hummus Trio plate. Our favorite at this location is still the Pork Belly Skewer.

All the merchandise displaced from Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost and the South Sea Traders can now be found inside of the Adventureland Bazaar.

Star Wars Land

We were so excited to head to lunch at Clearman’s Northwoods Inn that we forgot to get our usual rooftop pics of Cars Land so we snapped these far-from-adequate shots of the bits visible from the road.

Frontierland and the Rivers of America

And now a look on the Rivers of America and in Frontierland at the continuing work which is moving at breakneck pace to reopen next month.

One path on Tom Sawyer Island is still closed off, looks like the underground drip system is undergoing some work.

You can see the drip system in place all around the item with mysterious wet spots.


PLEASE. Do NOT touch Beaver’s Wood Chips. He works hard for his snacks.

Looks like Beaver’s taste for wood is a potential trainwreck in the making. Literally…

Uh oh!

New shrubberies have gone up around the island to obstruct views on the river including the skunk and raccoons as well as the Native American village. NI!


CAWWWWW. The eagle has landed.

People say bad things about him but I didn’t think he was even rude.

Around Disneyland


It’s the first weekend that most levels of Annual Passes are blocked out and crowds were noticeably lighter than usual.

Although lines onto Tom Sawyer Island seemed to be quite healthy.

New collector cards are available in Fronteirland. They are free and you get them one by one by visiting:

  • River Belle Terrace OR Adventureland Fruit Cart (inside South Sea Traders)
  • Bonanza Outfitters
  • Port Royal
  • Piece of Eight
  • Rafts to Tom Sawyer Island OR New Orleans Lemonade
  • Briar Patch OR Hungry Bear

The front of the cards showcase the attractions returning to service.

The backs of the cards form a map of Tom Sawyer Island.

Notice for Fantasmic! return next month.

Um. Is there going to be a new vignette on the river with some kids fishin’? Tom, Huck, and Becky?

Disneyland Railroad.

Wall is patched with fresh logs at the Frontierland entrance.


Any guesses where this hidden waterfall is located?

Noticed a bunch of color on and around Tarzan’s Treehouse.

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The vegetation in Adventureland 😍

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June Gloom can’t bring down these blooms.



Haunted Mansion was down for a bit.

Around Disney California Adventure

Not many people inside Starbucks around noon.

Finally got our hands no a Mangonada at Clarabelle’s Handscooped Ice Cream. SO GOOD!

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Seriously so good!!! #Mangonada

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Clearly, we hated it.

BEER FLOATS have also landed at Clarabelle’s Handscooped Ice Cream. Vanilla ice cream with your choice of Guiness, Henry’s Hard Orange Soda or Coney Island Hard Root Beer.

New treats in Cars Land.

Short a quart? Fill up at Flo’s with these “oil” jugs of Flo’s Mole Flavored BBQ Sauce. $10.99 seems a little steep for 16 oz. of the signature sauce.

Relaxing at Flo’s you can take in a lot of different sights.

Nick and Judy are back near Ariel’s Undersea Adventure.

Around the Resort

Looks like something’s underway at Mickey and Friends Parking Structure.

Merchandise Run

2018 Poster Calendar.

Cars 3 merch in World of Disney.

Eclats Precieux at Mlle. Antoinette’s Parfumerie. So pretty!

Bowling and More

Splitsville Luxury Lanes are coming to Downtown Disney this year and new concept art revealed for the dining and entertainment venue take a decidedly nostalgic mid-century modern aesthetic.

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Here’s a look at the construction…

Faster Pass

In case you missed it, we shared news when Disney quietly launched a new set of changes to their FastPass program which affects the way guests will be able to use Disney’s famous “save time in line” system. Luck favors the prepared so we have a few FastPass Tips and Tricks that even seasoned veterans should know next time they head to the Happiest Place on Earth…

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Northwoods Inn

We’ve talked about it before but we’re fans of Clearman’s Northwoods Inn just off the I-5 a few miles north of Disneyland.