A lot of family friendly fun is in store for everyone’s favorite kid doctor but on a much larger scale than ever before! The new Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital DVD includes one full-length episode and four Baby McStuffins episodes:

  • Welcome to McStuffinsvillege (A Full-Length Show)
  • Baby McStuffins/Selfless Snowman
  • Runaway Love/Tour De McStuffins
  • Bringing Home Baby
  • Baby Names/Night Night, Lala!

The Baby McStuffins episodes follow the McStuffins family as they embark on the adventure of adopting a baby. They cover all the emotional challenges that each member of the family experiences as they prepare for their new arrival and become a family of five. These four episodes are the perfect prequel to the feature presentation since Grandma McStuffins is visiting the family and before departing, shares her secret with Doc.

Kids will be swept away by the catchy tunes and new adventures; while parents can appreciate the positive messages within each episode. Additionally, a free Toysponder Bracelet is included with each DVD which my daughter excitedly added to her Doc Mcstuffins gear!

Welcome to McStuffinsville

In this story, we join the cheerful Doc as she embarks on her biggest challenge yet, becoming Chief Resident of the McStuffins Toy Hospital. The compassionate character who once ran a small backyard clinic for local toys now finds herself inheriting the privilege of running a state-of-the-art hospital for toys. To her surprise, Grandma McStuffins has been the one running it and wants her to continue the family tradition! She was the one who originally gave Doc the magical stethoscope many years before which allows her to talk to toys.

Now Doc is gifted a Toysponder which miraculously transports her to McStuffinsville. The magical town is a child’s dream; an enchanting fusion between ToonTown in Disneyland and the largest toy store imaginable. After Doc arrives in McStuffinsville, she is given the grand tour and immediately jumps into her new role. She begins helping to repair toys in need and assigns her stuffed pals new roles to assist her. They all fit naturally into their roles with Lambie running the nursery, Chilly as the receptionist, Hallie as the head nurse and the eccentric Stuffy as the vet tech. Not long after their arrival, the self-appointed ‘king of the broken toys’ Stanley sets off to wreak havoc on the town.

The ensuing chaos causes Doc to question her ability to manage the hospital and help all the toys that are coming to her in need. However, she soon finds her strength when Stuffy is taken and Doc will do anything to bring her friend back. Along the way she finds out that Stanley is merely a sad toy with a broken heart. The empathetic Doc soon fixes Stanley by healing his heart and peace is restored to McStuffinsville.

Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital is available now on DVD!