Disney announced today a new social media collaboration with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) that is designed to retell classic Disney tales in a way like never before with Snapchat Stories.

Beginning this month, LACMA, will launch the digital collaboration on the @OhMyDisney Snapchat account. Drawing from over 130,000 works in LACMA’s encyclopedic collection, the teams will use references from pop culture, filters, memes, and whimsical hand-drawn Snapchat overlays to retell some of Disney’s most iconic stories in a lighthearted and contemporary tone. The collaboration will continue on a bi-monthly basis.

The premiere, a retelling of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, will be featured on both the LACMA (@lacma) Snapchat account, as well as on the OhMyDisney (@OhMyDisney) Snapchat account. Told as a series of four Snapchat stories, Beauty and the Beast will begin on LACMA’s Snapchat account on October 19 and finish on OhMyDisney’s Snapchat account the following day.