After quite some time of being absent, a larger than life King Kong is coming to Universal Studios Orlando. The new Skull Island: Reign of Kong attraction will be a blend of screens and practical sets to create an immersive adventure into the world of the Peter Jackson blockbuster and will include a life-size moving Kong figure.


SKULL ISLAND: REIGN OF KONG attraction brings familiar ape back to Orlando

The massive 3-story tall terror will be a living breathing spectacle of engineering feat looking more realistic than he ever has before. Not since the Kongfrontation attraction closed in Orlando in 2002 or when the King Kong feature of the Studio Tour in Hollywood burned down in 2008 have guests been able to come face to face with the life-size regal beast in an attraction.

As you near the finale of your heart-pounding expedition, you’ll be so close to the legendary beast that you can feel his breath sweep across your skin and his thunderous roar reverberate through every bone in your body. You’re in his territory now.

Encounter The Mighty Legend Himself In Skull Island: Reign Of Kong