Soaring winter temperatures made it an absolutely delightful time to be at the Disneyland Resort for the double-holiday weekend. We took the opportunity to check out a few micsellaneous things that have popped up over the past few weeks including getting an up close look at the Disneyland Railroad, Mark Twain, AP Days, Zootopia preview and more!

Construction on the tram route at Mickey and Friends Parking Structure requires that the trams slow to snail speed to clear the raised temporary patch.

It was busy all weekend!

Starting fresh on the monorail beams.

The Disneyland Diamond Celebration continues on…

Outside of special dining options, Disneyland Resort doesn’t do a whole lot for Valentine’s Day. The heart sculptures returned once again this year on Main Street. A popular photospot for Instagramers and newlyweds this weekend.

Several sweet tweets are available for the lover’s holiday.

AP Days continue on through the end of the month. Find out more about Disneyland Resort AP Days.

Roger Rabbit
is the mystery character this week, greeting guests at Stage 17 at Disney California Adventure Park.

Don’t forget! No passage to Fantasyland through Frontierland’s Big Thunder Trail.

Love and Fishes, Ariel. XOXO!

Guns are still banned but now bubbles are back in the form of bubble wands.

You can go up to the Main Street train station to get an up-close look at the trains.

Windows are opened at the Lily Belle so you can look inside.

Uncommon view of the Mansion.

Coloring pages available at the Main Street Tratin Station. There’s also still Fun Facts maps from the first week of AP Days.

New Orleans Train Station is also open allowing guests to get a close-up look at the trains and also the station across the tracks.

Coloring pages available here too.

While Jungle Cruise is down, Skippers out front help entertain the passing crowds. A nice collection of concept art is available, as well.

Elaborate trap setup.

If you’re looking for PAINT THE NIGHT reserved seating, you can opt for Aladdin’s Oasis “On the Go” meals.

Had a few people ask us about prices.

FastPass is back making queues unmanageable once more at the Haunted Mansion.

The fruit filling is strange in an otherwise chocolaty cake.

Unfortunate timing for this quick closure considering the temperatures this week.

Queenie is a delight, as always.

This poster is raising speculation that Disney will be reviving visuals from the long departed Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland with the minor wording adjustment here that these sights will be available via the Disneyland Railroad.

Hungry Bear is still open during the construction on the river.

You can somewhat see through some of the tarps.

It’s been a while since this changed but I still miss the baked potatoes from the Harbour Galley.

Bilge Rats along the river.


A lovely afternoon along the river.

Even though the river is closed, you can still board the Mark Twain.

So we ventured over for a spell!

The Mark Twain gets daily TLC.

Neat and pretty.

As is the theme… more coloring pages.

Tiana, Louis, and Dr. Facilier can be seen in and around the Mark Twain.

The Strawhatters and Jambalaya Jazz (depending on the day) perform on the Mark Twain. The little sun dresses and hats on the little girls. So cute!!

If you ask, you might get the chance to go up to the Mark Twain Wheel House. This special opportunity is something that only happens about 30 times a day when the Twain is running so this makes it a great opportunity to see this special off-limits area.

You get some great views from the tippy top of the Twain!

We also became honorary pilots!

Over at DCA, still no Luigi’s Rollicking Roadsters. There’s a mouthful.

Frozen fever continues.

There’s a really great extended preview for ZOOTOPIA.

Bunny and Fox ears are being handed out along with the 3D glasses.

Hollywood Land is just full or royalty!

Flags were flown at half staff for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Flag retreat ceremony.

Darth Vader has become one with the Force and his grandson Kylo Ren is now greeting guests at the Star Wars Launch Bay in Tomorrowland.


Stopping for some drinks amid the glitz and the glamour of a movie town in the height of its Golden Age.

The first drink is a Tequila Daisy with a sugared flower. The other drink is a Carthay Manhattan which contains Luxardo cherries for garnish and a diamond-shaped ice cube.