ZOOTOPIA is heading toward its release next month at breakneck pace and the new animated animal adventure is already proving to be full of fun little Disney in-jokes and references. 

In a new clip released today called “HAVE A DONUT” we find bunny officer Judy Hopps laying down the law. Shown briefly in snippets of this clip are nods to both FROZEN and BIG HERO 6. See the screenshots below:

It would appear that Hiro Hamada’s Aunt Cass from BIG HERO 6 made a chain of her San Fransokyo-based LUCKY CAT CAFE with small branch in the tiny mouse-town of Zootopia’s Rodentia.

Meanwhile, it would seem that the villain Hans from FROZEN (who also had a cameo in BIG HERO 6) gets a pastry shop named after him. Humorously, he has a “Relax with Gerbilax” billboard over his shop. This may very well be a reference to something (or someone) else but it does seem a bit coincidental, no?


The modern mammal metropolis of Zootopia is a city like no other. Comprised of habitat neighborhoods like ritzy Sahara Square and frigid Tundratown, it’s a melting pot where animals from every environment live together—a place where no matter what you are, from the biggest elephant to the smallest shrew, you can be anything.

But when optimistic Officer Judy Hopps arrives, she discovers that being the first bunny on a police force of big, tough animals isn’t so easy. Determined to prove herself, she jumps at the opportunity to crack a case, even if it means partnering with a fast-talking, scam-artist fox, Nick Wilde, to solve the mystery.

ZOOTOPIA opens in theaters March 4, 2016.

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