Downtown Disney”s AMC hosted a special AP-exclusive teaser look last night for the upcoming “American Experience: Walt Disney” documentary that debuts later in a few weeks on PBS. Moderator Don Hahn introduced a few clips from the upcoming 2-part 4-hour series sharing anecdotes and stories about Walt Disney”s life. By accounts we heard, the presentation was similar to the one shown recently at the D23 EXPO 2015.

Although the new feature is a celebration of Walt Disney”s life, creators for this documentary have reportedly been careful to craft this story as a truly journalistic source and not aim for a puff piece. In fact, although there has been significant input and contribution by the Walt Disney Company (including interviews from several notables including Alice Davis, Marty Sklar, and Bob Gurr) the house of mouse actually has ZERO creative control over the project. Hahn mused that audience members are actually seeing several pieces of this documentary before even Disney CEO Bob Iger.

The two-part series are truly are engrossing; each clip shown left us wanting more. In fact, Hahn said even after watching all four hours of the piece that you”d still be left wanting even more.

Dinner at Trader Sams

Disney Infinity

After dinner, we opted to walk through Downtown Disney and popped into D-Street to pick up the new INSIDE OUT Play Set for Disney Infinity 3.0.

Dowtown Disney

We checked out Wonderground Gallery for the ever-fascinating displays of awesome works on display. We may or may not have picked up a few of the new pieces including the Small World pieces.