Hong Kong Disneyland is giving guests the opportunity for some face-time with Joy and Sadness from Disney-Pixar’s INSIDE OUT. To support the release of the film the characters can be seen at the park and also visit a re-creation of HEADquarters from the film.

There will also be a “Capture Your Emotions Photo Booth” that allows guests to create a post-card of themselves. A selection of sweet treats as well as merchandise is also being offered as part of the promotion.

INSIDE OUT is opening minds now in theatres.

Full press release below.


Disney•Pixar’s “Inside Out” makes emotional debut in Hong Kong Disneyland

(Hong Kong, July 13, 2015) This summer, the colorful Headquarters of “Inside Out” has come to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort’s Art of Animation, giving guests a fantastical way to make a connection with the emotions from the latest Disney∙Pixar animated blockbuster and explore the extraordinary world Riley’s of imagination from now till August 30.

Hailed as most original production from Disney∙Pixar thus far, “Inside Out”, coming to theaters in Hong Kong on July 23, is a journey going beyond imagination yet one so familiar to us all since it deals with our emotions and minds. Immersed in the wonders of “Inside Out”, guests will have the opportunity to experience firsthand some of the movie’s most charming elements and a particularly iconic scene. They will also be able to create their very own DisneyPixar “Inside Out” Emotions postcard in the Capture Your Emotions Photo Booth. Guests can meet Riley’s emotions Joy and Sadness. In other locations around the park, guest can also indulge in an assortment of themed delicacies and memorabilia and even take home the cast of “Inside Out” or their favorite emotion!

Personal postcards to express your various emotions

“Inside Out” is the story of 11-year-old Riley striving to adapt to life in a new city as her five emotions – otherwise known as – the little voices inside her head: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger – journey on a roller-coaster of inner turmoil that threaten to turn her life “Inside Out”. In the Headquarters of “Inside Out” on Main Street USA, in Hong Kong Disneyland, guests can personally explore this intriguing yet colorful inner world complete with a colorful array of Riley’s emotional globes. In the ever changing mind of Riley, guests can let their own imagination take flight as they are inspired to wonder what lands make up their own headquarters.

Does the visit to this inner world make you wonder what your emotions look like? Guests can make images of their very own emotions by participating in the “Capture Your Emotions” photo booth. Select your favorite emotion from Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust or Anger and see what your own emotions look like. Purchase your personalized emotions postcards at Town Square Photo and feel free to come back again and again to create an entire set.

In touch with emotions of all kinds

Adorable Joy and Sadness will also make their first-ever appearance at Hong Kong Disneyland for a photo moments with guests. Guests can also learn how to draw Anger at the Animation Academy.

The park has also prepared a range of “Inside Out” themed food items and a large assortment of gifts, toys and novelty items for guests to enjoy as they explore the colorful world of the mind. Find cool “Inside Out” chocolate bars “Anger” Strawberry-flavoured Cotton Candy with Light here, as well as 80 types of “Inside Out” souvenirs, from stationery to toys and apparel, to stay in touch with the emotional friends after this thought provoking experience.