Comic-Con 2015 Hall H opened with a standing ovation for Bill Murray who began parading through the isles. Anything you’ve ever imagined about Bill Murray is true; he’s hilarious, slightly inappropriate, and deeply poetic all at the same time.

Josh Horowitz moderated an un-announced surprise panel which consisted of writer Mitch Glazer and Bill himself who made his first-ever Con appearance yesterday.

Mitch has written films for Bill for decades so to stay that the two know each other is an understatement. Both were on hand to promote their newest film, ROCK THE KASBAH. As part of the surprise, the audience was treated to a preview of the film along with a little Q&A.

Bill’s improvisation skills when answering questions were on point and kept the audience laughing throughout the panel; at one point he even began a giant sing-along!

Moments To Remember:

How he feels about Miley Cyrus: “I thought she was just a knucklehead crazy head, but she’s really fucking good!” Bill filmed a Christmas show with her and raved about her talent, and insisted people give her a chance as a real singer.

Does he REALLY do weird things to fans and then say, “NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE YOU”?: Basically, yes! He jokingly replied “I don’t know what he’s talking about? …Sounds like fun thou, doesn’t it?” Wouldn’t that be amazing to have a crazy encounter will Bill?!

On Filming In Morocco: One night he found himself on top of a building, looking out to the market, listening to traditional music, and he thought to himself… “I’m just a guy from Illinois.” He still considers himself lucky to being doing what he does and says he is often reminded he “has a responsibility to transform” himself and pass it on to the world.

ROCK THE KASBAH also stars Zooey Deschanel, Bruce Willis and Kate Hudson and opens on October 23rd 2015.