As the Star Was Celebration 2015 continued today, we made sure to get ourselves seats to the Celebration Stage presentation of a chat with princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher! Hosted by voice-actor James Arnold Taylor, the chat was a really fun time for all involved including one lucky fan who got a wet smooch from the self-proclaimed “space-slut.”

Fisher is a wildcard and a joy to watch. From her talking about constantly getting in trouble for accidentally leaking movie info to wild parties in the 1980s with the Rolling Stones, to bringing her pooch pal Gary with her on stage, there’s no telling what’s on tap with the sassiest princess this side of the Milky Way.



Oh my Leia!

Before the chat with Carrie Fisher began, there was a parade of Leias on the stage. Tons of interpretations of the Galaxy’s most notable princess.