Springtime is in full bloom at the Disneyland Resort. The Disney Egg-Stravaganza has officially kicked off at the Disneyland Resort giving guests the opportunity to find special over-sized eggs hidden around both parks!

Plus, over at the Big Thunder Ranch, the Spring Roundup is back once again where you can greet several Disney bunnies including Easter Bunny, Roger Rabbit, and more!

We also checked out the new Smokejumpers Grill restaurant and caught up on a bunch of continuing progress of existing projects including the decoration of Sleeping Beauty Castle for the #Disneyland60 celebration.

The repainting is finished at the Mickey and Friends parking structure entrance turrets.

Feeling the sting?

Work on the Downtown Disney signage to update its color scheme.

The Disney Egg-stravaganza is here!

A line to get Egg-Stravaganza Maps!

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Disney Egg-Stravaganza Scavenger Hunt

A final word of warning that the contents of this page contain spoilers for the Disney Egg-Stravaganza Scavenger Hunt at the Disneyland Resort. Proceed at your own caution!

Throughout both parks, you can pick up your Scavenger Hunt map for $5. There’s one for each park and your reward for completing is a shiny Easter egg that looks like the over-sized ones in the park.

To collect your reward, you don’t have to actually complete the hunt if you don’t want and you do not have to place your stickers on the map. Simply take your map to the redemption area, it will be stamped as completed and you’re given the option to pick up your prize!

To collect your prize, you pick from one of several egg halves. Underneath will be the character egg that you’ll get. So that means if there’s a certain egg that you want to get, just stick around for a bit to see how other people redeeming their prize pick so that you can ensure getting the egg you want!

PRO TIP: At Disneyland, the FANTASY FAIR hint is not specific enough. Many people have been heading to the Disney Princess Fantasy Fair near the castle however the egg is actually hidden at Fantasy Fair Gifts near it’s a small world.

Disneyland Park

Disney California Adventure Park

Completing the hunt!

Spring Round-up at Big Thunder Ranch

Over at Disneyland Park, the Springtime Roundup has returned once again to the Big Thunder Ranch. Guests can enjoy crafts, snacks, live musical entertainment and arguably the best feature: character greets with rare characters including several Disney Bunnies! Plus, Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto are also celebrating the season in their springtime best.

Plus, if you stick around you might be able to join in on the Bunny Hop moments with several bunny friends and some roundup dancers.

Easter Bunny!

Roger Rabbit!!!



Br’er Rabbit.

White Rabbit.

Sorry ladies, he’s taken!

Smokejumpers Grill

As the former Condor Flats area in Disney California Adventure continues its conversion in theme to a 1950s National Park airfield, a small piece of the work has already been unveiled with the opening of the Smokejumpers Grill which brings back the location’s signature burgers and fries menu.

Cast Members now wear costumes reminiscent of Park Rangers.

Menu still consists of burgers-and-fries fare.

No Boysenberry BBQ sauce?? Ugh.

Condiments bar remains.

Tons of great placemaking for the new Smokejumpers theme.

Changes to the rockwork in progress.

More Disneyland

Over at Disneyland, work continues on refurbishment projects and most interestingly, Sleeping Beauty Castle is slowly transforming for its layover for the Disneyland Resort 60th Anniversary Celebration. It is dripping in bling from its tallest turrets to its moat banners.

The trademark Disneyland rose!

More Disney California Adventure

Over at Disney California Adventure, the Buena Vista Bugle is updated for the spring plus we saw the doors open at the Blue Sky Cellar for what turned out to be some playtesting for Disney Imagineering which allowed lucky buggers who got picked to try some upcoming magic!

Luigi’s still shows floating tires which have long since been removed.

Condor Flats on the map is not updated visually other than the fact that it’s been absorbed into GRIZZLY PEAK.

Blue Sky Cellar doors were open but it was for Disney Imagineering playtesting research. But what oh what wonders could be inside? The entrance was unchanged from its former interation.

That Cinderella on the right needs to go away. I will say that I appreciate the more realistic waistline however I could do without the unnecessary design changes to the character’s look.

This tree looks like a dandelion. Well played, Imagineering.

The water was especially clear today.

Merchandise Run

And now a look at a bunch of merchandise that will undoubtedly lighten your wallet as we move into the blooming spring season!

Purchase with Purchase offer.

A look at the Fleece design.