Following yesterday’s expansion announcements for Tokyo Disney Resort, concept art was released that is almost as vague as the announcement itself. The big FROZEN news seems to be relegated to Tokyo Disney Sea with the announcement of a new port in the park. The new concept art released was a look at Tokyo Disneyland’s Fantasyland.

The concept art is mostly vague but there’s a few noticeable things to consider when looking up-close at the artwork. The new work in Fantasyland promises to double the size of the land and include major new attractions, restaurants and shops. So what can definitely be seen in the concept art? Not a whole lot… yet.

Take a look for yourself!

The unprecedented relocation of an entire Disney attraction is the biggest noticeable change to the park’s layout with It’s A Small World moving to the complete opposite end of Fantasyland. Formerly located in-between the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall (the bright green collection of hedges on the top left of the map) and Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, the “happiest cruise that ever sailed” now seats near Tomorrowland’s Space Mountain. Replacing its current spot is a bright pink realization of the Tulgey Wood from Alice in Wonderland. There seems to be a recreation of the White Rabbit’s house and a few other colorful visual elements.

Will Tokyo Disneyland become the first Disney Park to clone the Alice in Wonderland attraction in Anaheim? Or will this just be a meet and greet experience ala Belle’s Cottage in New Fantasyland in Florida? Both? Maybe something else all together?

As far as the concept art shows, it seems that there will be little changes to the adjacent Hunny Hunt or Dumbo attraction. ToonTown just above in the center of the concept image also appears to be mostly unchanged.

Moving through the image, that brings us further to the right near ToonTown where a large recreation of Beast’s Castle can be found near a small plaza resembling Belle’s Village. Admittedly, this is concept art but the visualization of the castle here is significantly larger than what was recently built in Florida. Will we get another Be Our Guest restaurant or will there be something more? Interestingly, there’s a vague collection of buildings to the right of the castle, as well.

Continuing through the image, we see the new location for It’s A Small World and–at least as the concept art shows–gone will be the 80’s pastel paint scheme on the facade. It now shows the more classic white and gold paint scheme similar to how the original appears in Anaheim.

The existing area occupied by the Grand Circuit Raceway, the StarJets and Tomorrowland Terrace appears to be going the way of the dodo, replaced in this concept art by another large assemblage of vague Fantasy-esque buildings.

There’s perhaps not a lot to be gleaned here although a mountain with a lot of waterfalls coming off of it is consistent with the appearance of the Under The Sea – Journey Of The Little Mermaid that was built in Florida but with the entire Mermaid Lagoon in Tokyo DisneySea it seems unlikely that Prince Eric will be setting up shop in New Fantasyland Tokyo.

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