The MouseInfo Editorial Code of Conduct and Best Practices Guidelines are strongly-encouraged guidelines for editors. They are intended to ensure an accurate and fair representation of news and events.

All Editors writing for MouseInfo should:

  • maintain integrity through meticulously truthful writing without being inflammatory or derogative
  • ensure unbiased stance through reporting except when clearly indicating personal opinion
  • be accountable for everything published in their posts
  • avoid intentionally compromising intellectual rights or copyright
  • strive for an intelligent and interesting quality to the material
  • always be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions, and/or apologies as necessary

To strengthen and uphold quality and integrity standards, editors should always consider the following:

  • Proof-read, fact-check, and spell-check all materials to appear in the posting
  • Review all postings with Editor-in-Chief to ensure the tenets of these Guidelines are observed
  • Disclose any potential competing interests with the subject matter including compensation for sponsored posts
  • Seek alternative viewpoints to cite and/or use as point of debate or contrast to strengthen the material
  • Research any matters that include particular facts and details to ensure accuracy of reporting
  • Protect the confidentiality of individual information, especially for information from people who might recognize themselves or be identified by others through the reporting. Written informed consent for publication should always be secured except for reporting that a reasonable individual would be unlikely to object for publication.